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Mayank Goyal
Flat #B-3/15
Pune - 15

Phone : 682135


A position in the area of software development in CAD, AI or optimization in mechanical component design.






Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

B. Tech. (Mech)



Scholars Home, Dehradun (UP)

XII Standard



Delhi Public School, Hardwar (UP)

X Standard




Worked in the field of Optimization using Genetic Algorithms. The major contributions in this field is incorporating discrete variables also in the search optimization process. This has saved a lot of computational time, and the algorithm is tried on various engineering problems like Gear Train design, Pressure Vessel design, Welded Beam Problem, Spring Design Problem. Other fields of interest are AI, neural nets and CAD. Somebody try me!


Computer Skills

C++, FORTRAN, PASCAL, BASIC, X-Windows Programming
AutoCAD Re.12, ProEngineer, Cadds5
Unix, Windows 95/NT, SunOS

Work Experience

Field of Interest

Professional Courses taken so far

Merits and Ranks

Other Activities and Achievements

Career Objective

Brief details of the papers and projects carried out as A Project Fellow and as an Undergraduate

1. Infinitely Variable Auto Gear.

(Project under the course Introduction to Manufacturing Processes)

This project was taken up by a group of five students under the course TA202. The idea was new. Design and fabrication - all was done mainly by us. For me, it was the first concept that was brought to reality. It basically consisted of a centrifugal governor, two discs, bevel gears and some other small parts. The best thing about the design was that it did not contain any spur gear. It was Infinitely Variable!

2. Joystick Controlled Powered Wheel Chair.

(Summer Project, Robotics Lab.)

This project was taken as a summer project. It is desired to be made for handicaps for indoor use. It basically employs two standard batteries, two motors, linkage mechanism for clutching (when in manual mode) and declutching (when in power mode) and electronics to control the output of each battery so as to facilitate easy turning and smooth drive. This project will be sponsored by ALIMCO, Kanpur.

3. A Combined Genetic Adaptive Search (GeneAS) for Engineering Design.

(Paper : Authors - Dr. K. Deb and Mayank Goyal, sent to ASME)

This paper deals with a new and an efficient way of handling discrete type variables in optimization. This algorithm is now famous as GeneAS. GeneAS greatly reduces the computational time needed to find the optimum. Various engineering design problems were tried including spring design, welded beam design, gear train and pressure vessel design. This paper widens the scope of application of optimization in industries.

4. A Combined Genetic Algorithm for Engineering Design.

(Paper : Authors - Dr. K. Deb and Mayank Goyal, sent to CSI)

This paper deals with optimization in Engineering Design. It deals with application of some common engineering design problems (like thrust bearing design) in industries.

5. Development of an Optimal Design Software using Genetic Adaptive Search.

(Project done as a project fellow, CAD-Project, under Dr. Deb)

This software was developed for Multimodal Optimization. This software can take two objective functions, which have to be optimized simultaneously. Various problems related to composites were tried and the results were very encouraging.

6. Design and fabrication of a miniature boat.

(Project done under the course Design of Mechanical Systems)

The aim of the project was to build a fast moving miniature boat which would deviate the least from the straight path, cross the width of the swimming pool in shortest time. Our design was different from others. It was a submarine which would face the minimum wave drag. It was made of wood; had an elliptical shape; consisted of three motors & 3 hulls (one main hull and 2 auxiliary hulls which could be adjusted to make the submarine go in a straight path). It could not win the race, but did very well ( received a special mention).

7. Shape Optimization using Fourier Transform of Contours/Shapes.

(Project under the course Computer Aided Geometric Design)

The aim of this project is to see how a design can evolve from a crude shape. We would aim at starting with some very simple applications like finding a shape with constant cross-section area with minimum moment of inertia. Subsequently, we would try to interface the optimization code with a FEM package which would find the optimal shape of a stressed object subject to a reduction in total mass of the material (stress would be the constraint).