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Mayank Goyal

Objective A challenging position utilizing my extensive computer skills leading to a career in CAD applications and Design within an organization where Research and Development is a part of the organizational culture.


July 93 - May 97 B. Tech.,Mechanical Engg., IIT Kanpur, India.

Computer Skills


C, C++, HTML, Pascal, X-Windows

Environment & O/S

UNIX- Solaris 2.x, SunOS, HP-UX, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, MS-DOS


Sun-Sparc, Sun-Ultra, PC/Pentium, HP 9000, DEC


AutoCAD Re12, ProEngineer, CADDS5, Matlab

Work Experience

Nov '97 Present TechnoCorp, Inc. Detroit MI, USA

Working as a software consultant. Writing C programs to represent complex contours in terms of Fourier Coefficients. This enables the user to encode a complex contour easily and portable. Wrote X-window programs to show the process graphically. Accelerated the process using shell scripts.

June'97 to Oct'97 ComputerVision India (Pvt.) Ltd., Pune, India

Worked as a Software Engineer in the User Interface Group. Created Graphic User Interfaces for CADDS5. CADDS5 is a CAD/CAM tool for designing and modeling complex mechanical assemblies - used by clients like Airbus. Other responsibilities included:

 May - June, 1996 Computer Aided Design Project, I.I.T-Kanpur, India

Worked on the project, "Development of an Optimal Design Software using Genetic Adaptive Search". The work involved programming in C, C++. Analyzed the results using tools like Gnuplot and Matlab.

Assisted Dr. Deb (Asst. Prof., Mech. Dept., IIT-Kanpur) in a paper related to optimization in engineering design. The paper was sent to an international journal - "Evolutionary Computations" for publication in May 1996.The Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt of India sponsored this project.

Part Time Industrial Experience

Worked on an Industrial problem "Design of an optimal Temperature Profile for a Furnace" which was sponsored by TISCO, India.

  Worked on "Multiobjective Optimization". I took two engineering problems - Thrust Bearing Design and Belleville Spring Design problem each having two objectives to be optimized.

  Designed and fabricated a "Joystick Controlled Powered Wheel Chair". This work was sponsored by ALIMCO, India.

  Senior Year Project involved design and fabrication of a "Hydraulic Actuator Test Set-up" for ground test of the hydraulic actuators (used in the aircrafts) simulating the various parameters like mass, inertia & stiffness. This was an Industrial project sponsored by the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Lucknow, India.

  Worked with Dr. Amitabh Mukherjee (Asst. Prof., Mech. Dept., IIT-Kanpur) on "Shape Optimization through Fourier Transform of Contours represented in Polar Coordinates".

Professional Courses Taken

Computer Aided Geometric Design

Evolutionary Algorithms in Search Optimization

Optimization Methods in Engineering Design

Graphics in Mechanical Design

Finite Element Method

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

Management of Production Systems

Production Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Topics in Engineering Optimization

 International Publications

"A Combined Genetic Adaptive Search (GeneAS) For Engineering Design" : Paper accepted in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Journal of Mechanical Design in July 1997.

"A mixed algorithm for solving Engineering Design problems": Paper accepted at the International Conference on Genetic Algorithm (ICGA '97) in March 1997.

"A Combined Genetic Algorithm For Engineering Design" : Paper accepted in the Journal of Complex Systems Informatics (CSI) in June 1996. 

Merits and Ranks

Ranked 553rd (out of 5,00,000) in the Joint Entrance Exam (J.E.E.) for admission to the IITs.

First rank in junior college at school level.

Secured 81% marks in the "First Level Mathematics Olympiad Contest" for IX standard.

Other Activities and Achievements

Awarded for Academic Achievement at School Level for the year 1991-92.

Awarded the Best Project for designing and fabricating an "Infinitely Variable AutoGear".

Member of the Organizing Committee in the First All India Technological Festival, Techkriti 95.

Organized a short course on "Optimization methods in Engineering Design" for ONGC, India.

Member of the Student's Film Society, IIT-Kanpur in the year 1994-95.


References Will be furnished upon request.